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Observational constraint of process crop models suggests higher risks for global maize yield under climate change Yin, X., Leng, G.*, Yu, L. Environmental Research Letters 2022 SCI
Landslide length, width, and aspect ratio: path-dependent measurement and a revisit of nomenclature. Landslides Li, L.-P., Lan, H.-X., Strom, A., Macciotta, R. Landslides 2022 SCI
Sustainability of emerging energy and transportation technologies is impacted by the coexistence of minerals in nature Elshkaki Ayman COMMUNICATIONS EARTH & ENVIRONMENT 2021 SCI
Reducing Carbon Footprint Inequality of Household Consumption in Rural Areas: Analysis from Five Representative Provinces in China Sun Mingxing, Chen Guangwu, Xu Xiangbo, Zhang Linxiu etc. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2021 SCI
Characterizing saturation state of loess using P-wave velocity Zhang Ning, Liu Xin, Lan Hengxing ENGINEERING GEOLOGY 2021 SCI
Source-specific ecological and health risks of potentially toxic elements in agricultural soils in Southern Yunnan Province and associated uncertainty analysis Guo Guanghui, Wang Yuntao, Zhang Degang, Lei Mei JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 2021 SCI
Spatial characteristics of microplastics in the high-altitude area on the Tibetan Plateau Feng Sansan, Lu Hongwei, Yao Tianci, Xue Yuxuan, Yin Chuang etc. JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS 2021 SCI
Complex Surface Deformation of the Coalfield in the Northwest Suburbs of Xuzhou from 2015 to 2020 Revealed by Time Series InSAR Li Langping, Zhao Cunfa, Huang Jianxue, Huan Changming etc. CANADIAN JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING 2021 SCI
Influence of the Environment on the Distribution and Quality of Gentiana dahurica Fisch. Zhang Mingxu, Jiang Dong, Yang Min, Ma Tian etc. FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE 2021 SCI
Synergistic effect of drought and rainfall events of different patterns on watershed systems Qiu Jiali, Shen Zhenyao, Leng Guoyong, Wei Guoyuan SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2021 SCI
Mapping rubber plantations in Xishuangbanna, southwest China based on the re-normalization of two Landsat-based vegetation-moisture indices and meteorological data Xiao Chiwei, Li Peng, Feng Zhiming, Lin Yumei etc. GEOCARTO INTERNATIONAL 2021 SCI
Visualizing the cultural landscape gene of traditional settlements in China: a semiotic perspective Hu Zui, Josef Strobl, Min Qingwen, Tan Min etc. HERITAGE SCIENCE 2021 SCI
Waste pesticide bottles disposal in rural China: Policy constraints and smallholder farmers' behavior Xu Xiangbo, Zhang Zeyang, Kuang Yujing, Li Chang etc. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2021 SCI
Spatially explicit changes in forest biomass carbon of China over the past 4 decades: Coupling long-term inventory and remote sensing data Zhao Miaomiao, Yang Jilin, Zhao Na, Liu Luo etc. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 2021 SCI
An enhanced global context-aware network for road extraction from high-resolution imagery Wang Xiaofei, Ye Huping, Liao Xiaohan, Yue Huanyin REMOTE SENSING LETTERS 2021 SCI
Impacts of heterogeneous CO2 on water and carbon fluxes across the global land surface Tian Jing, Zhang Yongqiang, Zhang Xuanze INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DIGITAL EARTH 2021 SCI
The effects of Intensive Supervision Mechanism on air quality improvement in China Wang Min, Wang Yu, Feng Xiangzhao, Zhao Mengxue etc. JOURNAL OF THE AIR & WASTE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION 2021 SCI
Responses of Soil Microbial Community and Enzyme Activities to Shrub Species Artemisia gmelinii in Relation to Varying Rainfall in a Semiarid Land, SW China Qu Laiye, Wang Bingbing, Zhang Xinyu, Wang Minggang FRONTIERS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 2021 SCI
Does social capital interact with economic hardships in influencing older adults' health? A study from China Gu Lijuan, Cheng Yang, Phillips David R., Rosenberg Mark etc. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR EQUITY IN HEALTH 2021 SCI
An atmospheric perspective on the carbon budgets of terrestrial ecosystems in China: progress and challenges Chen Baozhang, Zhang Huifang, Wang Tao, Zhang Xiaoye SCIENCE BULLETIN 2021 SCI
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